Computing for Humanities

Precisely a decade ago, we started developing a product with its sole purpose was to practice our knowledge and skill on natural language processing technologies. Nowadays, the product has evolved toward an advanced big data analytics solution especially for extracting insights from unstructured data, and has provided services for government, commercial, non-profit, and education institutions. Since that moment, we continuously aimed at harnessing natural-language-processing-based technologies for humanities.

Recent News

Analis Drone Emprit Sebut Buzzer Buat Pemerintah Tak Bisa Dengarkan Kritik

Jakarta – Analis media sosial Drone Emprit and Kernels Indonesia, Ismail Fahmi menilai buzzer membuat pemerintah menjadi tak bisa mendengarkan kritik yang disampaikan masyarakat di media sosial. Sebab, menurut Ismail, para buzzer pendukung Joko Widodo (Jokowi) langsung ‘menghajar’ ketika ada kritik. Ismail awalnya menjelaskan soal…