Media Kernels

Ingest multiple streams of structured and unstructured data from online media and social media, manage your topics of interests, analyse the output of our big data analytics processes using easy to use yet advanced visualisation techniques, and take actions based on its insights.


Media Kernels or as popularly known as “Drone Emprit” is a platform that enable people to get insights and take actions based on data and analysis, which is seamlessly managed and processed by back-end engines and presented via easy to use front-end dashboard.

The sources of data are specifically from online media (local, national, and international) and social media such as Twitter, Facebook (Page), Instagram, and YouTube. Theoretically we can add more data sources, as long as the volume, velocity, and variety of the data is guaranteed.

The name “Drone Emprit” is actually a “nick name” of Media Kernels, that is used by its creator when regularly publish analysis based on data and insight from the platform. Both name can be used interchangeably.


Media Kernels was designed in such a way so that user in less then 10 minutes would be able to get the initial findings and analysis for topics in questions. After that, system will continuously collect data from Twitter in realtime and other social media sources using batch processing, as well as from online news, and perform all pre defined analysis for the user.

The following steps describe how it works:

First, define the keywords for your questions.
Second, wait for the system to collect all relevant data and perform all predefined analysis (including sentiment analysis).
Third, once the processes are done, take any analysis model provided by Media Kernels’ dashboard that fit with your needs.
Fourth, go back to the first step if you feel the keyword settings didn’t produce a good precision and recall data set.
Fifth, regularly work on the third step.


Gambar: The list of Media Kernel’s features